We are a creative and talented masters of designing and planning team called 'ArchModel'.
Our goal is to prepare and accomplish projects diverse in their kind, scale and difficulty.
Since the very beginning of our enterprise we have been employing the up-to-date technologies and materials of various sorts and kinds.
While working with every single project, we are driven by our huge passion to embrace art and sense of aesthetics,
scientific knowledge and skills as well as precious experience from the successfully accomplished works.
 Accordingly, all our projects may be fairly perceived as unique, inspirational and modern.
'ArchModel' transforms ideas and visions into drawings and calculations,
whereas architectural and urban projects - into 3D models, visualisations and video animations.
Ideas into reality - with high quality, speed and confidence!

'ArchModel' masters provide you with the following services:
Architectural Projects
Architectural Models
Interior and Exterior Design
Technical and Work Drawings
Engineering Calculations
Urban Planning
3D Visualisations
Video Animation
Advertising and Logo Design

We are based in Vilnius, Lithuania